C++ Russia 2018

Late is better than never, right? 🙂

I finally got a small break from the endless studies, so I decided to share my experience during C++ Russia 2018, an amazing C++ developer conference that I was lucky to attend as a volunteer.


The conference is a fun 3 day long event hosted by the C++ Russia User Group, and an opportunity to listen to deep knowledge and practical wisdom of speakers from all over the world. This year’s keynote speaker was Jon Kalb, the C++ developer with 25-years of expirience.

I managed to attend a number of talks, including:

  • Interactive C++ Compilation (REPL): The Lean Way by Viktor Kirilov
  • C++ No-Launch Code Debugging by Anastasia Kazakova
  • Building in Docker with Conan by Evgeny Lukyanets
  • Concept Based Testing by Dietmar Kühl
  • CMake Pitfalls and Where to Find Them by Dmitry Kozhevnikov
  • WebAssembly Transition: Is It Worth It? by Pavel Bulatov



I have also met many interesting people, some developers I previously messaged with, and made new friends 🙂

I would like to thank Sergey Platonov, the event manager, for this awesome experience.

The Registration Awaits!
KDE software lights up the place
The Brave Team behind the scenes





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