ITMO University is a very welcoming place, and I enjoy so much being here 🙂

Welcome party
New friends
Student docs

Also, I finally have a stable web connection.

P.S. And all in all, St Petersburg is not THAT rainy 😅


ITMO University

In a couple of hours I’m leaving my home city and going to Saint Petersburg, where I’m going to study for a software engineer in ITMO University for 4 years. I’ll be there tomorrow, but I probably won’t have a stable Internet connection for a while. If I don’t answer your messages, it’s just that I can’t 😉

Best wishes 😀

A new adventure

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People say everything has an end, and I cannot but agree.

But what I also know is that everything has a beginning. And right now you are witnessing a beginning of a new journey, a birth of a new entity, a start of an adventure.
Nobody, including myself, can know what this place will become. But what I do know and what you can be sure about is that I will put a part of myself, my thoughts and efforts, into this neonate. Hope you will be with me on this way.